Lily in Higher and Harder January 3, 2019 MistressOrgasm, SexSlave

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The scene begins with Princess Lily jumping onto her carpet slave wearing her knee-high boots. You can see her bubble butt as her slave is crushed beneath her. After stepping on the slave’s head, she places her feet on their chests and jumps more. He is told how fortunate he has his view, and that it will be enough to compensate for all the suffering he’s going through. He is able to see her as she squats on his chest so that his ass touches his forehead but not too close for him. She tells him, “This is your job.” As she jumps up more, she says:

The camera now moves to the side, giving you an expansive view of her dancing on her slave. He asks her if he would like to come along and dance on the floor with her boyfriend. He could possibly fuck you while you are still on me and you’d see his cum all over my legs. He then jumps on her stomach, and she continues to stomp. The slave can clearly see how her soles have caused damage to his body. He is groaning and moaning. Lily, so content with her work, reaches down to the ground and places her elbows over his head. He thinks that he will get some taste, but Lily stands up again and brings her boot up to him.

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