Kandy in It’s Hot and Wet and Wonderful June 13, 2019 Spitting, DildoFucking

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Mistress Kandy calls in her slave on her knees, and asks him to smell her pussy. She is not satisfied with her slave’s efforts so she tells him to sniff her pussy. He will now be her bathroom mat, while she uses her porcelain toilet. Kandy is expecting a full day of work from her slave. She says that if she works hard, maybe heaEUR ™ will get to try her nectar. He sits down at the edge of her toilet, and she lets him touch her pussy. The slave’s lips are touched by her fingers. She now places her legs on the chest of the slave and then slides onto the toilet. She soon lets out a massive rush of fluid that splatters onto the lid. ItA is hot, wet and delicious. Just like champagneaEUR she told her animal who wants to touch it and lie in it every day. The piss shoots out of KandyaEUR ™, her sweet pussy. She now asks the slave to get down on her knees, and place his nose between her legs so that he can more easily smell her nectar. He talks about his love for her piss, but he also loves using her full bathroom. He loves to drink and eat from her. Kandy then gets up and places her head on the back of the slave so that she can reach further into the bowl. Kandy even covers his head with the lid. She says, “AEURoeWhenever he pleases me, everything he ingests comes directly out of my body.” She finally has her slave lie on his back, so that she can give him a deep rimming. After all, she never cleans her genitals. She smiles and says, aEURoeI keep it dirty for youaEUR

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