Mimosa in Beautiful, Buxom Mimosa Dominates Submissive Pretty Boy June 9, 2017 Male Sub, Face Sitting

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In this explosive BDSM Juicy BBW Mimosa decimates submissive male sub Will Havoc. Curvy Mimosa is busy and has a hard-acting pretty boy to help her. Her day starts with some boot worship, and she gives her feet a good polish. Will gladly oblige. The humiliation seems to make him happy. Soon, Mimosa discovers WillA’s hidden stash of beauty products. He is further humiliated by her foot worship and spanking, but Will becomes more excited the more Mimosa reveals. In ecstasy, he smells Mimosa’s feet and boots. But Mimosa also uses her huge ass to drown Will with epic face sittings and pussy-licking. As Mimosa puts her strap on, the action never stops. Will grunts in pain, before giving up on the anal pleasure. Then, she commands her male happy sub to get fucked by her naked pussy. She swayed to the thrusts with her big, natural tits. She demands Will sit on her strap-on and denies Will any further pleasure. As Will bounces around on his strap-on, Mimosa continues to give him rough sex. He then gets to fiss with her and gag on her. She finally allows Will to have a good time and she is asked for her sweet relief.

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