Liv Revamped in Sexy Latina Liv Revamped Captured and Tormented in Grueling Bondageî € December 6, 2018 Vaginal Penetration, Handler

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Liv is an adorable little slut who has an ass for every occasion. Her body is as beautiful and sexy-funny as it gets, but her booty makes her stand out. She is standing with her arms raised above her head. She is shocked by the Pope’s cruel touch and begins to resent him. In a matter of years, she has not shot with him for a while and is counting down the days to her reunion with her master. She embraces each strike and the torment that follows. She is then forced to hold her nipples and tortured until her legs become swollen. She screams as her pussy gets fucked. She is then lifted into the air by an inverted suspension with all her weight suspended from her hips. This suspension is designed to highlight her curves and makes them shine. As he hurls a torrent of abuse at her beautiful sex, The Pope is primarily focused on her ass. His screams turn to an accent he is familiar with, meaning it’s time for him to change to orgasm to keep his toy safe. The final scene shows her on her side, one leg bound to a column and her arms crossed over her head. After a brutal bastinado, her feet and mouth are forced to submit. He treats her like a toy/bitch, and she would not have it any other.

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