Kandy in Glow in the Dark Kandy October 29, 2019 AssWorship, EarPulling

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This is something different from the norm! Lucky slave lets KandyaEUR ™ paint his body with glow-in the-dark paint while he runs around. The strobe lights are turned on as he starts to paint KandyaEUR ™. As the paint begins, you can see KandyaEUR’s whole body slowly glow. After he has finished with KandyaEUR(tm)’s gorgeous tits, he paints a pink circle around her nipples and then outlines her breasts in fluorescent green. After she has gotten her huge plump thighs, the slave paints a pair on her. You could even lick the paint off of her. After painting a large aEURKaEUR(tm), the slave then paints Kandy a huge aEURKaEUR(tm), on her back, with a heart in its front. Then he does her legs. IaEURoeIaEURtm). HeaEURtm isn’t sure if it’s an artist, or just trying to get his hands on me. She giggles. He holds her hands and rubs them with green paint until the ends of his fingers are covered. He paints a collar around his neck with pink paint. Kandy rubs some pink paint on her stomach, and then her partaEUR(tm), AKA her pussy. She and her slave now work together to get rid of any traces. Kandy might be wary of allowing a slave to touch her skin, but she has so much fun, that she lets him have all the fun he wants. Kandy sits down on her stomach and orders the slave to make a circle around Kandy’s face. Kandy tells her slave to get the shower started for her. As she rises, you can see her beautiful, shining body. You can see her entire body when she turns around. The slave allows her to once again rub his hands on her skin to remove all of the paint. The slave works until Kandy is clean and dry. Kandy’s naked, sexy body is revealed when the overhead light turns on.

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