Krystal Main in Krystal and Isis: Anal Crime, Anal Punishment March 8, 2010 spanking, buttplug

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Krystal Main must fill Krystal’s void in the most horrible way. Because heAs a Senator, she cannot charge toys to HubbyAs credit card. Poor baby. Miss Isis Love, a sexy woman who is sexy and beautiful, catches the baby stealing. She decides to show her what to do to girls who try to sneak plugs into their genitals. Isis gives her little girl a spanking and big enema. Krystal, bound and helpless, is strapped to her bed by Isis. Isis then plunges each stolen item into Krystal’s greedy sex while covering her in her beautiful genitals. Isis then smothers Krystal with her own beautiful anal, until it is all she can do. Isis finally bends Krystal on a table, and then fucks her hard. She should learn from it.

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