Chesley Sun in Young In Lust May 2, 2017 Medium Boobs, Girl-Boy

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Perky Chesley Sun, a coed and sexy woman wants to make Nick RossA’s Day. She drops to her knees and pulls out her stiff stiffie. Then she wraps her puffy lips around his head. He suckles her long and hard. She uses her hands to touch his shafts and rub his feet. ItA’s hard for Nick to stop her from fucking her if her tongue follows the same path as her fingers. Chesley takes off her clothes and lays down on the couch. She then spreads her legs so Nick can recoup some of her pleasures with oral sex. The brunetteAs sweetness is tempting him to dip his head in it. He can’t resist the urge to dip his head in the creamy, sweet nectar. Chesley is happy to help Nick in a range of situations, including riding her and doing a bit of doggy-style pussypounding. Chesley then rolls on her back, sucking her boy off once more. Nick is unable to take ChesleyA‚Äôs warmth and passion.

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