Skylar in FemCorp Office Foot Bitch May 15, 2018 Muscles, AnalAbuse

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Skylar is sitting in FemCorp’s office and shuts down her computer because itaEUR(tm),s lunchtime. Skylar mentions her dirty feet and how chipped her nails are. The office slave that lives beneath her desk asks her if he can see her feet from his perspective. He has been quiet and bowed his head up until now. Office slaves must behave like this until they are spoken to. Skylar tells her to take care of her feet by using his mouth. As he does so, Skylar relates the tale about a mutiny a few years ago, in which the women took control of the office and made all the men slaves. Skylar tells the lowly animal to take off her shoes in order for him to properly care for her feet. AEURoeI like seeing him on the floor constantlyaEUR Skylar says. aEURoeats my stinky feet eagerly, cleaning them.

According to her, women naturally work more efficiently and are only required to be on the job in the mornings. They can then take their day off for the afternoon, allowing them to either receive attention from slaves or go out for drinks at the coast. According to her, the slaves sleep naked at night in the same office without any bedding. This forces them to snuggle together for warmth. AEURoeFor amusement, we deliberately keep the room coolaEUR she jokes, noting that slaves often lie on cold floors, having fucked each other. While she works on her feet, she loves verbally abusing the slave. He is beckoned closer by her, and she kicks him in the nuts. He continues to lick her feet and suck her feet. She then asks him to kneel in front of her, so that she can repeatedly kick him in the nuts. She says, “AEURoeGet underneath the desk until you return”, before getting up and leaving him in darkness with his dirty eyes and swelling balls.

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