Jasmine in Hubby Likes It When She Has Men Over June 13, 2018 EarPulling, HumanFurniture

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He understands that his pleasure is the most important thing and loves when his wife invites real men to their home. Although he might be jealous of her ability to touch and pleasur another man, and then eagerly spread her legs for him to get his cock inside, he knows that he cannot deny the joy it causes. Her sexual delight is what he lives for and heaEUR(tm),s always feels the best when another man is nearby. This is Miss Jasmine’s life with her cuckold. In this scene we see Jasmine in the bathtub, her hubby holding her feet as they massage her feet. He can’t see her naked body so she tells us how it helps her relax and get ready for her man.

Here’s Jasmine speaking candidly to her husband and you. Jasmine describes how the evening unfolds for her hubby and her boyfriend. She also talks about their love story and the evolution of it into the happy ending that it is today. This clip is for you if you like erotic and kinky cuckold chat and feet. You might consider locking yourself in chastity to ensure you have a great time.

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