Bijou Steal in Naughtias Full Ass Punishment – The Finale March 26, 2013 Food, Pantyhose

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Here is Goddess Naughtia’s spectacular final act. She gets the support of the cold-as-ice Mistress Bijou. Under this incredible ass, the beaten slave looks at risk of total destruction. His true purpose is being questioned by his Mistresses, but there’s still some hope for him. Maybe if he can prove himself to be useful, he will see the light of day. Maybe!

The two discuss their plans for cleaning their sex after using the bathroom and what his credit card will be used to pay for their shopping trips. He continues to be crushed by Goddess Naughtia under her huge FLESHY ASS. Despite his desperate pleas for mercy they have a good laugh and ignore him. It only feeds their sadistic tendencies and Goddess Naughtia pushes him further. Mistress Bijou encourages them to end him.

They feel like they have been possessed by him and are determined to get rid of him. Knowing that others will soon follow his lead, it’s almost as if the other side is watching. The finale is a must-have if you love the stunning fleshy bottom of Goddess Naughtia. This is the ultimate finale!

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