Bliss in Human Bench for Her punished Slave Girl January 12, 2020 Giantess, NipplePlay

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As Mistress Bliss enters the forest, she addresses her female slave. Her face is slapped as she says, “You didn’t polish my latex correctly so you will be punished.” She pulls her rubber pants down and remarks on how hot her ass are. Then, she starts cropping her sex by exposing her cheeks.

Bliss sits down on the back of her slaves, with the human bench now gaining the same weight as the women. She sits and strikes the slave with the branch, then she switches to using her hands to strike the branch. It is a plump, sweaty slave with red welts. Bliss then spits on her and cracks her a few more times. Bliss quickly gets up and strikes her again with the branch. She loves her grunts and moans. Bliss wants to hear her screaming and strikes her again as hard as possible. The sounds of nature, Ah!

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