Tristan Jaxx in Boundgods Deep Woods Domination: Chapter 2 September 28, 2017 Anal, Submission

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In this second chapter of a 3-part series,”Deep Woods Domination”, Tristan Jaxx is about a camping trip with his stepson Jackson Fillmore. During a lively walk they discuss the recent disappearances of hikers in the neighboring woods. But its just a fleeting notion, since Tristan really has his attention on Jacksons smooth, fuckable ass. Following a night in the tentthey awake to discover Tristans other son still hasn’t returned from his own outing the night before, leaving Tristan and Jackson for their own devices. Tristan knows that Jacksons had his eye on himso in the calm of the afternoon that he determines this is the correct time to down him. Tristan cant help but reach his stepsons smooth perfect ass, then joins him up with his top as he awakens. He feeds Jackson his huge hard cock, giving his what hes secretly desired all along. Jackson chokes on Tristans giant dick, but also takes it down his throat since hes told. Afterwards, Tristan binds Jackson to a fallen tree using plastic wrapping, and proceeds to suck on his cock and flog him, all while sliding his own cock to his stepsons starving throat. Finally, Jackson is suspended between a couple of trees while Jackson primes his sweet hole to get fucking. He sucks on his cock and eats his ass, then allows him so hes in just the ideal spot to receive his butt pounded. Tristan pushes his enormous dick to him Jacksons screams echo into the woods. The two of them fuck and suck at the amazing outdoors, till they blow their loads all over each other.

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