Grant in Seancody Grant June 09, 2011 Solo, Big Dick

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Grant is a basketball fanatic! There’s no doubt that he enjoys the game. At first glanceyou would think he would be the star player on a soccer team but that’s not the case whatsoever. Soccer coaches in college have attempted to recruit him, but basketball is really where his heart is. Hes a full time college student at this time and, of course, he’s about the basketball team.Its hard to feel he says he used to be very skinny. My jaw dropped when he pulled off his shirt and revealed his flawless chest! There was a little hair and his pubes were revealing just on top of his shorts. I had to observe the rest. Sure enough, hes not your typical basketball player’ steak from head to toe! Big muscle butt, big arms, ripped abs, muscled legs and a enormous thick penis with the ideal quantity of hair everywhere!Not only was he extremely hot but he was a lot of fun too! He always had a smile on his head and joke to discuss. But there were just enough moments of shyness like I asked him to get undressed or stroke his penis that made him even sexier…

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