Brodie in Seancody Ryan & Brodie July 25, 2011 Anal, Jock

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I love it when a guy admits he loves getting fucked! Ryan has a clear admiration for everything a man has to offer. When I talked to him during his first video, it was obvious that he loves every part of the male body. Well if there is anyone that has the nipples, the armpits, the ass, the chest, the legs and the dick that personifies the male form…its Brodie."Do you get thrown around a lot during sex?" I asked Ryan."A lot of guys cant throw me around…I wanna be thrown around.""I have a feeling this guy is going to be able to throw you around." He was smitten with Brodie and a bit nervous, but I think the nerves had more to do with anticipation. He was more than ready and he was taking advantage of the experience as much as he could. He was in awe of Brodies "tree trunk" arms and Brodie was impressed with Ryans "pretty muscle". As they undressed each other…I saw Ryans face light up as he watched Brodies cock swing back and forth as he pulled his underwear off."Is that alright?" Brodie asked Ryan, clearly referring to his cock."Thats…more than alright!"

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