Michelle Lacy in Clubdom Michelle Lacy & Natalya Highheel Worship February 11, 2015 High Heel Worship

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Mistress Michelle Lacy and Mistress Natalya Sadici really have a job due to their pathetic bitch slave. They make him put on his back as they begin to shove every heel down his throat which makes this worthless slave gag. As Mistress Michelle and Natalya take turns getting their heels licked clean. They tell their servant that if he can make their heels shine like new, they might let him perform with his pathetic 2 dick. Highly excited, this pathetic loser quickly climbs to a tight position and beings yanking onto his needle dick. As the unworthy bitch pumps off at his cockette, both Mistress Lacy and Natalya are beat with fits of laughter due to the scene before them. Grunting and bucking like a wild creature, the servant lustfully pumps his hand-pussy as Mistresses need he immediately ditch his filth. Eager to comply , this slut whore pushes his disgusting load over the dungeon floor, so which makes a huge mess. Naturally, the Mistresses need their dungeon be rendered spotless, grabbing the slave by the cleaning and hair up his man-filth with his tongue and head.

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