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There is just no other way to say this: my adorable little 4´9" daughter is a spoiled rotten brat. It´s all my fault for indulging her every whim and desire. I work like a dog to give her a niice comfortable life and she has turned into a lazy ungrateful punk. She stays out all night partying and lays around all day playing with her cell phone, ipad and laptop. I come home from a long brutal day at work and find her dressed like a slut in a hot pink tight shiny mini skirt, hot pink stiletto boots and a wife beater. I decide to test out a new unconventional method of discipline that I read about on the internet. I will tie her up and punish her until she changes her ways!!!! I grab some rope and begin by crossing her booted ankles and tightly binding them together. Michelle is still argumentative and I lose my patience. I straddle her petite body and tie her wrists together. I tell her she will remain tied up and XXXX on the dog bed until she begs to get a job. I smack her ass several times and add a super tight rope to her tiny little waist cinching it and drawing it up between her legs deep into her pussy giving her a camel toe. I split her ass cheeks with the bondage and her big mouth is still yapping. I XXXX my poor little daughter Michelle Maverick to open her big mouth and I shove a bright red ballgag between her lips silencing her complaints. A tight hogtie finishes her off and I add a neck rope as a leash and some silver duct tape to her fingers before leaving my daughter tied up on her bed contemplating her fate until she decides to go out and get a job!!!!

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