Alexander in Seancody Alexander August 27, 2012 Jock

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“You have a good deal of hair!” “Yeah I know!” Alexander responded with a laugh. “You must have seen me as a kid. It had been out of control! “Alexander is a fresh entrance to southern California – hes an east coast transplant. He recently moved here here with his friend, and both of these have started searching for modeling projects. “Everybody keeps telling me that I should move to LA when I wish to make it” he said, crunching his nose up at an obvious expression of distaste. “But I truly love it …”He was eyeing the ocean, along with the shore, the sand, along with the people. He had his skim board and he wished to show us his abilities. However, the waves werent working in his favor. “The skim is bad now,” he said with a sad little frown.That was not the sole frown I ever saw on him, though. Hes an incredibly upbeat, charming man who likes to make other people content. “When I lived on the east coast, I discovered that a lot of folks were just rather jaded,” he clarified. “I transferred here trusting that when I surround myself with joyful folks, perhaps Ill be happier!”

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