Dwight in Seancody Dwight September 24, 2012 Jock

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Dwight grew up in front of the cameraso that he could deliver a perfect, white smile in the end of a hat! “I’d like to do quite a bit of modeling,” he explained. “Mostly for clothes lines.” “I bet that was fairly different from whats going on here!” I mentioned. “Not really!” He replied. “You can find half naked people around the place in a number of those shoots. I’d think to myself… isnt this supposed to be an ad for jeans? “Dwight exudes a particular confidence. Not the cocky kind, but more like the”charm the clothes off you” type. “This has become the most fun Ive had in months,” he said, flashing a grin. He had a erection pretty much the entire time we had been filming, and that he wasnt shy about it at all!

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