Jean Bardot in Clubdom Routine Monday Beatings June 09, 2016 Spanking

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The 3 sadistic Mistresses walk in the terrace, their heels click loudly onto the bricks. The slave is bent on a spanking bench and can hear them coming. He or she knows they mean business. They Mistresses plan to split each and every slave here in clubdom plus they really do it by giving them regular beatings before the men are nothing but obedient heaps of mush. Jean Bardot retains servant 019 down while Lydia and Lynn take turns providing vicious swats with their paddle and leather strap. Eventually its Jeans twist and she straps on him swiftly and brutally, sending searing pain across his backside. He can sense every horrible hit and listen to the noise it makes as the implements beat into his ass. Loudest of all, he finds the girls taunting him.

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