Amateur in Private-teen-video Sonya January 18, 2007 Amateur

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When I got a call telling me I had to return to his place for he had the most amazing porn video he made, I didnt waste any time getting my ass around. Greg always finds the chicks to fuck. I arrived shortly after the telephone and Greg had started the movie. Since he said that the story of how he met with this chick he was happy with his job and she’d no thought that he had been filming her and the whole bit. I believed it was a dreadful thing to do, but hell, even I really enjoyed seeing this pink and redhead with the big tits pussy getting fucked hard. Greg was insistent on her pussy as he kissed her hard and deep before I thought for sure he split her open. No way is this redheaded hottie be walking right for at least a week after a pussy pounding like that.

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