Vince Ferelli in Divinebitches A Cuckold’s Reality September 29, 2010 Rough Sex, Zipper

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Vince Ferelli drops into a deep slumber only to wake up his wife fucking another guy, to his worse nightmare! That the games don’t end there. Vince is bound, gagged and filled in a metal chastity belt. In each second of her bull’s cock, Lorelei Lee revels with no key in sight, flogging and embarrassing her husband in exactly the identical time. She is such a proficient cuckoldress she never bats an eye or misses one indulgent stroke out of her bull. The second Vince makes you peep of protest he is locked out for great, butt fucked, made to take a debilitating zipper and given a front row seat for his wife’s pussy getting fucked while he is teabagged and made to lick her pussy with all the bull’s penis inside her! The embarrassment does not finish there, after multiple orgasms Lorelei jerks her bull’s prick on Vince’s face. Vince wakes a mess that is hot up with a face full of penis juice that is humiliating. Was this all in his head or reality hitting him straight between the eyes?

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