Sean Patrick in Kink_boundandgagged Mario’s Boy: The Anal Impaler January 01, 2019 Gay, Slave

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Sean on his knees sucks Marios cock; Doug stands behind him. Involuntary deepthroating. Mario orders Sean to perform his very own dick. Sean again sucks Marios prick Dougs, subsequently attempts to get cocks in his mouth collectively. Mario and sean kiss because Seans mouth is shared by them. Doug jerks Marios penis as Sean stinks Dougs. Mario plays with Dougs nipples since the 2 masters kiss.Sean, gagged with black tape and collaredand stands head bowed, hands behind back, as the two masters lock leather ankle restraints on himhe then gives his wrists to get wrist restraints. Doug lowers a trapeze from the ceiling and Seans wrists are attached to either end of this. Mario brings out an inverted T-shaped steel apparatus, an impaler, the bar of which they hook to Seans spread ankles, then greases up inserts and a butt-plug it in Seans ass at a elevation hopeless for him to evacuate. So Sean is standing on his toes the trapeze is raised. Both masters and Sean play erotically. Mario sucks while Doug licks on his gag and requests Sean to kiss him through 18, on the boys cock. Doug licks on Seans ears, pinches his nipples. Doug handgags Sean with just one hand as he and another play Seans nipples. Mario slaps at it continues sucking on Seans dick and sucks on it again. Mario stands up, massaging Dougs proferred thumb then sucks Seans nipples. They can do a threesome together with the jump boywho lets himself succumb to each sensation. Mario jerks Seans dick, licks Seans armpits. Mario takes Seans cock jerking off himself, while Doug hammering Seans impaled ass with it and then behind Sean plays with his own cock. Doug comes around in back and front Seans nipples. Sean stands outside, fucking himself in the impaler.

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