India Summer in 1000facials India Summer January 01, Toys, Piercings

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Get ready for a hell of a hot Summer….India Summer, that’s. She starts off almost of 40 minutes of several of the very enthused, knob-gobbling, cock-consuming blow job action weve had here by simply stating shes hot and bothered and anticipating sucking a few dick-she says she’s \fucking enjoys it, its her favourite thing to do, plus she can suck all day long\and you can tell she intends it. This eager beaver is down to her knees know time to put her money where her mouth is and show us how much certainty she has in that announcement. Only a couple minutes in, you also could tell shes a woman of her word….to say that this girl certainly loves to suck penis may actually be a understatement. Whether she sucking your dick with appetite s slobbering on your balls or asking you if you like fucking that little mouth, this is one blowjob specialist who knows it and loves what she does. She said we had made her day finish once she had a big cock inside her mouthbut even that wasnt sufficient with this cock chick. We asked her how many hours every day she would suck on dick when she would, and she responds two or three three-so we set her to the test: we asked her to keep giving this aggressive blowjob for a full hour-with just two 30 minute water breaks-and she accepts! Will she make it that the complete time at her pace before she wears out her throat and mouth? Now you ll have to see and see-but we can tell you that this has to be the greatest blowjob we’ve ever seen and it has an extremely happy-and moist and sticky-ending that she believed has been good for the last drop; in the end this is 1000Facials! Enjoy.

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