Leah Livingston in CuckoldSessions.com Leah Livingston November 15, 2009 Cuckold, 3 On 1

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I thought my boyfriend was when he sat me down and explained,” Leah, I would like for you to fuck several black men while I see.” When I realized that he was dead so we made our way into the side of town to fulfill his wishes, I lost my mind. I would be lying if I said I’d never thought slipping in and out of my wet white cunt. We found some guys who were down with our schedule and it wasn’t any time that I had been in the mercy of several feet of black dick and before we were back into our bedroom. Because this was his first idea I enabled him to lick pussy at times but at no stage did his teeny weeny white dick get near my pussy….that was to get black cock just! I wish I could relive the moment my lips got their first taste of dick or the instant that my pussy was no longer territory to get black cock. My boyfriend got what he wanted and that I did too since he must live out his dream of getting rid of this black jizz the difficult way….watch and discover out! . . .read longer

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