THE SUBPOENA June 06, 2019

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I watched a mob struck go down and got pegged as a witness. Little does the attorney understand that I had been severe & the mob ;s look out. Yes, an error on my part caught but nothing I can´t even take care of. My informant let me know they had been silly enough to send a nurse and the law office had been on the road with a subpoena. The bell is rung by curvy Natasha and hands on the paperwork and she’s dumb enough to come back inside. I pretend to appear over the document and I zap her great while she’s oblivious to my intentions. Severe & Bad thing;s body aches and that she melts onto the couch. I manuever her legs and XXXX her wrists behind her back roping up her elbows. Busty innocent Natasha is still reeling in the taser and she starts to cry. I yank up her ankle against her thigh tieing it closely and push her body down. She sobs and Bad girl is barely legal and begs me to stop. Too late for this sweetie. I frogtie her other leg and also add a rope splitting her pussy into a camel toe that is nice and that I grope her young body. Natasha quivers and shakes in fear and I advise her to come to me and I shall untie her and let her go. She struggles to put herself off the ground and kneels between my thighs hoping to be released and set free. Oh honey, you are too dumb and young. As I show the truth for her I pull out a thin leather cord and then press it up. I wasn&acute

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