Lance Hart in Dylanlucas Photo Assistant October 16, 2017 Condom, Brunette

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Lance was interviewing photo assistants because of his photography business that is new plus Michael is the one of their day. Lance asks the questions for any work interview however Michaels answers are currently contributing to a lot more than just an interview. Lance grabs on to what Michael is he has Michael on his knees worshiping his huge hard cock. Michael can do anything to get this job in this way is ideal, and Lance has had a long day and a release. Until Michael wants to taste that sweet ass, lance continues to dismiss him. Lance bends over onto the sofa and Michael buries his face between Lances sweet smooth buttocks and tongue fucks him. Lance cant believe how good it feels and soon sufficient Michael is fucking his tight willing ass balls deep. Michael hopes that he fucks him right once Lance mentions he would like to ride his penis Michael doesnt contest and so that he can find the job. Lance slides down his penis along with Michael fucks into every bone pleasing in his new boss. Michael can feel his nut building so with a single stance using Lance on his back Michael pulls out his cock and finally releases his nut all over him which makes Lance take his load too. Seems like Michael has a new job and boss.

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