Wasteland.com No Rest For Sicilia May 21, 2019 Shockspot, Eric X

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Is it just us or does it look like poor Sicilia has it or never gets a break easy? Master Eric X pushes against her to her limits and now was no exception. Bound standing up with her arms tied Sicilia tried her best since she was struck by the floggers not to influence. Every time she moves do the weights pulling off a string attached to both of her nipples, so the sensation of which is not pleasant to say the very least. Her Master takes pleasure in the fact that his newest toy can make her cum even as he destroys her pussy. In the next half of the hardcore BDSM session, Sicilias wet is fucked by the Shock Spot , Master Eric is currently searching for some pleasure of his own along with Sicilia deep throats his cock.

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