Jack Dixon in Boundgods Beast Feast January 17, 2019 Latex, Anal

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Luka Sage is secured to a metal table. His wrists are secured together with leather cuffs above his head. His ankles are fastened to the table. Jack Dixon enters the scene wearing a leather hockey mask a leather blouse, and latex gloves which go all the way around his elbows. Lukas top receptive and spits rips . Luka gives a attitude to him and Jack slaps his chest and tummy, turning it red. Jack sticks them and takes six clover clamps. He rips Lukas underwear off and sucks his hard penis and jerks it with his latex gloved hands. Jack lifts Lukas legs and with his latex coated hands, plays with his exposed asshole. Jack pops them and catches a series of big black anal chunks. Jack pulls back them from Lukas buttocks and catches the end of the chain. In another scene, Luka is bound on his knees with his arms backagain. Jack packs Luka Luka and his big fat cock can insert it in his mouth. Jack grabs a leather flogger and also flogs Lukas buttocks until it turns pink. Jack carries a blue dildo and stands this up under Lukas ass and leaves him sit . Luka sits around the toy that is massive and it slides right into his buttocks, stretching it out. While Jack flogs his ass, luka bounces on the dildo. In the last scene, even Luka is in a rope suspension using a bit-gag within his mouth. Jack stuffs it and he hovers over Jacks dick and fucks him well. By jerking his dick and Jack blows his load all over Lukas 18, jack gets Luka cum.

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