Dia Zerva in Divinebitches Dutch On Ice March 30, 2011 Orgasm Denial, Humiliation

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I have tagged Dutch as none other. I’m going to pass this bit of slave meat around in Bitch into Bitch to see what happens for my own amusement. Miss Dia is your sweetest ice queen this day and I’ve never noticed her hone her craft so well! Dutch is designed to prove his power in the kind of exercise torture while at a scissor hold, he is flogged and caned subsequently receives an OTK spanking. Dutch is tied up on a bed of ice as a reminder not to get his dick hard and never forget about his pleasure while made to worship butt. Dia is not satisfied with just ice hockey and for extra security she covers his cock and balls with clothes hooks until Dutch reaches his breaking point and Dia cums all over. Dutch is then placed in rope bondage and ass while getting balls and his cock milked fucked. Dia lets this piece but only with consequences!

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