Natasha Starr in Subbyhubby Pool Hall Cucky Boys Pt 1 (Foot Worship) November 01, 2014 Foot Worship

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Bratty Princess Natalia Starr along with her friend, like playing games with boys. They get all dolled up and strut in the pool hall just pouring on the sexual appeal. Giggling, shaking their butts taunting the boys. The boys inquire if they would love to play sport of pool. “We like playing with sticks but not swimming sticks, like big sticks” the girls reply. The guys look at each other and think”finally we&severe;re likely to score.” Unbeknownst to them the women adore playing games with men. Humiliating them and making the their pitiful sissy slut cuck boys. The ladies really are pouring it on thick, then asking the boys if they’d love to simply return to their place to have some fun. Of course Cameron and Alex respond yes. Natalia says”oh I don&severe;t think you boys can handle it how we enjoy it. We enjoy it really kinky, we must be accountable for You two need to be prepared to do whatever we tell you to do. The boys look at each other and agree. Natalia looks at winks and her sister. “Then get on your knees bitch boys” The boys comply as the girls start shoving their toes in their face. “You have to make your way into this pussy. You´ll start off by worshiping our feet.” The boys agree eliminating their heels, softly kissing, smelling and licking the girls &severe;s lovely feet. The ladies look at each other with big smiles enjoying every second of understanding they have power over these unsuspecting dumb college boys. Pt 1 of 4 (Foot Worship).

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