Kathy Anderson in Houseoftaboo Domestic submission February 22, 2006 Fetish, Bed

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Katrina is trussed up on their bed waiting for George’s arrival and the start of some exciting and stimulating love. She adores the way he handles her entire body and titillates her with positions that keep her out of command. She tickles with her wrists from the overhead bar when George approaches and taunts her sharp tails of some teasing flogger. Her skin is sensitized and longs for his intrusion. When it comes her hands are bound once more. He enters her from behind and laps to her rapturous thrusts. George responds to Katrina’s heightened excitement by introducing a blindfold and additional stimulating her sopping quim with a vibrator. George drags the blindfolded and quivering Katrina back the overhead bar and engages her mouth with his throbbing penis. She licks and sucks him in a sightless passion accentuated by a concert of yells as they proceed towards a climax. George makes his final assault into Katrina from over. With her ankles secured above her head she can watch George’s burning eyes as he sneaked to her spread open pussy, and explodes at its entrance. Watch the hot action between this adoring couple when sex and passion come together in a roar of emotion.

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