Damien Moreau in Menonedge New Camper Gets Edged at Camp Perv-Anon October 10, 2017 Prostate Stimulation, Cut

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Its own Camp Perv-Anons sixty-ninth yearly woodland retreat, where a small group of extremely sexually perverted men venture out to camp deep within the woods, without the fear of judgement or ridicule. They tell stories round the campfire, then float away into the woods to edge each others cocks all night, seeding the woods with enormous milky loads to the soundtrack of crickets and the distant echoed growls and grunts of the other campers. The men can then finally feel relief since they go back home and live their own lives as ordinary before next years retreat. Its Damien Moreaus first time at Camp Perv-Anon and is excited to experience their edging methods. With the helping hands of camp consultants, Jackson Fillmore and Sebastian Keys, they reveal Damien exactly what happens in Camp Perv-Anon since they whisk him away and tie him down with rope onto his back into a seat made from tree branches. Damien gets a shoved in his mouth and his underwear. Jackson Fillmore gets to focus on Damiens cock, massaging it on his beard, sucking and stroking it until Damien says hes gonna blow but Jackson pushes the bottom of his penis and wont allow him. Next they jerk him off having a fleshlight till they each take turns sucking on his dick tip until he says hes gont cum, but rather than letting him, they stop, leaving Damien to writhe around only then tickle him until he screams for mercy. Next, fresh camper Damien is bound on his back with his hands and feet in the air as a tree branch spreader bar binds him in place. Sebastian sticks a finger at Damiens ass and milks Damiens prostate as he jerks his throbbing cock. Jackson takes Damiens cock down his throat and vigorously sucks. Jackson sticks a vibrating butt plug Damiens ass and starts jerking his cock until Damiens about to burst. Following a relentless edging Sebastian and then Jackson allow him finally blow his load, then shooting his cum all over his chest and tummy. Jackson scoops it up and feeds himcongratulating him on his very first successful night in Camp Perv-Anon.

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