Cadence Lux in Devicebondage The Destruction of Cadence Luxe May 17, 2018 Hot Wax, Humiliation

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Cadence reached out and said that she require some treatment, and that only The Pope could heal her. She needed it to be demanding, but not like normal; a lot more difficult than that. We encounter this quite often, when the versions will need to get the devil outside and that is the only way they understand how to at a healthful way. The cathartic feeling that calms them comes from a brutal session using The Pope. Cadence begins in a standing position using a burlap bag over her head. Her legs are spread and she is wholly helpless. There is not likely to be a hot up now because what is going to happen is so barbarous that its a waste of time to do so. Her flesh illuminates a bright red as it falls under an attack from the leather floggers and whips. She has a maniacal laugh that grounds her, but we understand she is terrified and this is the sole answer her body will allow within this moment. Next Cadence is at a doggy position using a large bowl in front of her. The Pope enters and fills it with waterthen starts the brutality of worshiping her again. This time she’s being dunked in between the beatings. She beginning to burst, but The Pope retains her straight on the edge. In the last scene we’ve got her on a fucking device and before he even touches her, and we see Cadence staring to crack under the pressure. A huge zipper is applied to her flesh and then covered in wax. The machine is still sliding in and out of her pussy and the orgasm is strong by itself, but ripping the zipper off at the specific moment will ensure extreme distress. There are a number of tears and even sobbing, yet one ting is for certain. Cadence is departing a lot more powerful than she had been when she came.

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