Alishas in Hdwetting Alishas Birthday Present Indoors

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It is Alishas birthday, and Sosha has a very special gift in store for the buddy. One might say the gift is worth its weight in gold. For her birthday, Sosha gives Alisha a hot lap dancing, pees on her, then eats her out.In this video, we expect to watch Sosha provide Alisha a special treat for her birthday. Alisha puts on some sexy music, also is sitting on a seat when Sosha comes in, wearing a outfit. Alisha is then given a lap dancing by her. Afterward, she stops dance, pulls up her skirt, and pees through her blue panties on Alishas lap.After peeing on Alisha, Sosha pulls off Alishas trousers and goes down to her. She performs oral sex Alisha until Alisha climaxes. Following Alisha cums, Sosha asks Alisha to go prepare to go out to supper and states she’s going to clean up everything.

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