Kurt in Seancody Kurt & Paul February 12, 2009 Muscles, Jock

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“So today you’ve begun to get fucked!” “Yep. Thats me!” Kurt said.I was also excited. I really like Kurt and his accent that is cute and I wished to watch his ass get plowed! “How do you really feel about that?” “Excited,” he said. “Ready to get started!” “Really?” Our camera guy stated, verbalizing what I had been thinking. “But youre straight.” “Yeah,” Kurt said, laughing. “I know.” “Have you ever had anything in your butt before?” “Um, no,” he explained. “Not so.” “Not a girlfriends finger or whatever else ” “No, only my own finger.” “When was that?” “I believe you told me to do it the previous time I was here! “Kurt and Paul both broke out laughing. I think Paul has been getting his kicks out of listening into Kurts rationales!

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