Lola Myluv in Massagerooms Braided Blonde Massages Brunette’s Booty June 11, 2013 Oil, Amateur

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Lola is without doubt one of our most experienced and well enjoyed masseuses, she is incredibly adorable with big brown eyes, and this instantly cause you to feel relaxed and assured that you’re in good hands and an amazing body. It was the 21 year old Lilys flip to sense that which we can only explain as the Lola experience today. Lola begins the massage concentrating at lot on Lilys sexy legs and running out at her absolutely plump white buttocks before turning her over at which she begins to massage her hairless tight 21 year old pussy, which soon enough had Lolas fingers sliding in and out of it into receptive groans and moans. Lily then turns and pushes her hot bum in the air and places her head down on the bed leaving herself to the winner of Lolas seasoned palms which were shortly once again penetrating this hairless young pussy, it wasnt long before Lily was hitting the height of ecstasy and catching hold of the sheets as she orgasms.

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