Kira Roller in Wetandpissy Kira Roller in Redhead Piss Tasting September 19, 2017 Toys, Piss Play

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We get up close and personal on this weeks update, as she pees, getting some tight shots and also scoring some zooming in on her entire body and face. This tiny small red head focuses on a focused performance, therefore most of the time she is letting her instincts guide her, but she reminds us every now and how much of a great time she’s having because her eyes lock on to the camera and she smiles genuinely. She begins by licking at at them and glancing through her sweat pants, providing the chance. She moves on to resting on the cushion placing on the bed along with lifting her legs up in the air. As we get her in as much of the framing as 20, she makes a wonderful fountain. Because she attempts to lock it in place as she pees along with her face planted in the 28, our green toy is somewhat of a struggle for her. She pulls it off long enough to allow her finish and also the mattress that is soaking becomes the middle of her own attention. Her pose is style with a goblet on the floor as she pees into it as openly as you can.

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