Aletta Ocean in Aletta Ocean June 21, 2016 ATM, Facial

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What does one of Europes largest porn stars do if shes not sucking and fucking on camera? To Aletta Ocean, its operating her laundromat. You heard right. Unlike most of her peers, Aletta saves her cash. . .and invests it in various businesses. She enjoys her laundromat since it generates revenue if not shes there. . .or sucking and fucking to a set somewhere. How lucky is our man Isiah he happens to be doing his laundry the one day Alettas there doing her books? He cant determine the change system, and soon he cant believe his good fortune. Lets face it, Aletta doesnt see many black men at Budapest, so if she does, Aletta loses her common sense and acts like the Black Cock Slut she’s.

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