Jessie Fontana in Jessie Fontana February 04, 2011 Cougars, No Tattoos

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In all my years selecting black guys Ive discovered that the ideal place is the liquor shop. I was watching Rico Strong within the shop and imagined what it’d be like to slip down his big,black pole. Once out I laid some heavy duty flirting until he had no option but to accompany me straight home. I could see in his eyes that he was weary about me but that soon disappeared after I was in my knees and choking on his huge black cock. I was in heaven as I gradually became dehydrated because all my spit finished up on Ricos enormous trouser snake. We took things to a different level of illness when he placed each inch in my gaping pussy till I almost passed out. The sounds of his cock hammering against my white pussy bounced off each of the walls and I was getting wetter by the minute. I was starting to sweat profusely as Rico took liberties with my tight hole and my pussy was getting beat into submission. Every pump of his black cock made me glad for a whore for interracial sex. Rico pulverized me couldnt take it anymore and was happy to accept his cannon burst of black gravy.

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