Laura Lion in Ddfbusty Big boobed Laura love playing July 04, 2005 Hardcore, Indoor

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Hi there guys, I’m Laura, Laura Lion a sexy and hot chick from Prague. I have got a great round asshot pussy and a set of jugs. I just love all of of the fun and my large tits that I have with them. Every evening, I share this apartment with a guy that I barely ever see that he goes to college. I only know he’s about when I listen to him fucking some woman. I attempted to catch his attention but he seems to be. So now I went down to, ‘ All those Tits ‘ the proprietor Sabina helped me to pick out something. If my roommate came home I phoned him in my area and asked what he thought about my new look. He arrived in my room reading a book like he didn’t care and acting. I began hammering him massaging my body around. I began playing together , forcing them and squeezed and caught my huge tits. I looked down and watched the bulge in his pants and knew that he wanted to fuck me. He dropped his book and came on to me. He started kissing me, running his palms on my body, catching my boobs. While he stood and me on all fours I began licking it up and down before slipping it in my warm wet mouth and grabbed his cock. I squeezed his hard penis up and downI could feel it still growing in my own mouth. I kept bobbing my head, slurping up and down his penis. I wrapped my jugs around his hard shaft that was big and he started pumping his cock. My legs started and then he reached down put his tongue in my cunt and began licking. He sipped slurped and sucked my pussy from the ground up, tonguing and sucking my hard pink clit .He spread my legs wider apart and slid his cock into my tight wet hole. He began pumping his prick in and out of the twat that is small forcing it deeper and deeper, getting each inch of pussy I have. He awakened slipping his glistening cock from my wet hole, and I sat up on the bed. I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and began bobbing my head up and down again and again. I licked and slurped all over his long cock that was hard . He laid down and I got with my round ass on top of him facing him I slipped his throbbing cock and he began pumping his cock into my wet puss, with long hard strokes. My large tits were bouncing and shaking as he kept pushing his thick cock with each stroke, tougher and more difficult, into my wet twat. His hard thick cock slid and got down on all fours. Together with my big tits straddling his cock I wrapped my lips tightly about his long shaft and bobbed my head up and down. I squeezed up and down his meaty cock, licked the trick around and about. He also took his hard sloppy cock and slid it into my cunt from behind. We began fucking like two dogs in heat. He rammed his thick cock in and out my tits were shaking from my puss being pounded by him from the back. He slid his cock out of my hot cunt and we laid back down behind me with him. He stuffed his hard cock and started pumping it in and out, with my legs still shut. He drove his prick into my butt deeper still and opened my thighs. I could feel my ass being stretched open as his thick cock slipped in and out of the ass again and again. He pulled on his cock and that I slipped it in my own mouth. I slurped, slobbered and sucking penis up and down as I could. He laid down, I spun around and got on top along with my bum in his head. His slobbery cock slid back into my tight little ass, he began sliding his prick out and in, over and over. He kept shoving his cock farther uo that was hard within my ass. He was fucking my ass hard and good. I laid down got up sliding his cock from my ass and opened up wide, he got on the top and stuffed back with his long cock into my ass. It felt like he was fucking me with everything he’s got He kept slipping his thick prick out of my tight ass with long, rapid hard strokes, he slid his hard thick cock from my tight ass and shot a huge load of cum all over my face and big tits.

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