Devaun in Devicebondage Devaun and Andy San Dimas Live, Part 1 September 21, 2007 Corporal Punishment, Humiliation

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Part 1In the very first part of the live show, Andy and devaun San Dimas Livefinds himself bound into a chunk, gagged and [REDACTED] to kneel on the concrete floor of the cellar. Helpless, and laying in a puddle of her own spit, the bondage rookie wonders what the hell she as obtained herself into.Unable to do anything but wait, or even turn her mind to see, she hears Devaun’s cries behind her because the other version is tied down to a wooden box and tormented with acute nipple clamps amongst other things. Then Devaun is dragged by her hair , and A short time passes and her head is pushed into the cunt of Devaun and she’s ordered to consume her out into the tune of more crying and crying. Her task finish, she is [REDACTED] onto her knees and strapped into a wooden column by her neck, and made to suffer while magnetic weights have been added to a single painful clamp on her buttocks that won’t slip off, forcing her to the limit of her endurance.

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