Haley Rue in Infernalrestraints Indiscernible December 06, 2013 Foot Torture, Breast Caning

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Haley Rue is a fascinating young woman. She also's got an wonderful ass, perfectly formed breasts, and a excellent attitude. Much more intriguing than her stats is that the simple fact that she’s legally blind. Haley's primary way of touch with the world is by way of her sense of touch. What better way to touch her than to tie up her and play with her. In this accession to Infernal Restraints we explore what's on the mind of a young lady who can not ever see what's coming.Her mouth has been packed wide with an INSEX style gag. Leather straps hug her position. Her beautiful young body wiggles and kicks. She moans into the red rag secured behind her teeth. Then all of a sudden there are hands on her ; feeling her breasts, pinching her nipples, flipping her on her abdomen, and touching her ass. They investigate her most intimate parts. Subsequently she's hauled over his knee where she's given a solid spanking. Her cheeks are glowing red out of the ordeal. If it's over she's back to the ground. Her ripped stockings and red bum a lovely reminder of what she’s awaiting her.Still tightly bound from the leather straps Haley is now free to talk. Her high heels are substituted by ankle cuffs. She struggles and calls out to him but there is no response. If he comes he wordlessly attaches her into the pulley and pulls her into an elliptical. She dangles in midair. He then shreds her clothes. Her tender white skin has been vulnerable and he takes advantage. The singletail leaves beautiful red lines along with her milky white skin. She yells and grunts, but him stops. He only stops when he is satisfied. That's if he teases her. The tiny pink vibrator makes her quiver, but all too quickly before she’s left without orgasm. He yanks up her over 16 feet at the air.Haley needed to join the alluring women on Infernal Restraints and reveal what she had been made of. Being blind she relates to the entire world in a significantly different manner. Haley Rue is a sexy little chick with a cute ass and perky small breasts. In such a she's bound, gagged, fondled, spanked, suspended, whipped, teased, hooded, hogtied, nipple tied, vibrated, and orgasmed.

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