Laney in Abbywinters Girl Girl Tribbing Gala & Laney October 22, 2016 Insertions, Hairy Legs

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Getting closer and closer to Gala, Laney gradually moves her tongue around Gala´s lips, then touring them gently as her hand slides up her skirt, so firmly catching her buttocks cheeks. As they begin to undress each other, Laney takes off Gala´s underwear, uncovering her black, complete goddess and spreading her labia aside as she engages in enthusiastic oral.   Turning around, Laney positions down herself on all fours, with her big breasts hanging as Gala licks her pussy from behind. Down on the ground, the women start some passionate tribbing activity since they intensely examine each other at heart. Lying back on the floor with her buttocks up, Gala gets fingered vigorously as Laney puts her feet in her mouth before turning to an exciting 69 which can make both girls moan in joy.  

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