Niki Sand in 1by-day Taking Sand to the beach! April 26, 2009 Casting

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You know how they say you shouldn’t take sand to the beach? Well, we discovered the exception to this rule! Meet Niki Sand, blonde haired Czech beauty who’s prepared to go skinny dipping, using you!All dressed up in a pink area and taking off her clothes for your session! Can you envision it? Your close crystal blue lake during the night, and there she is. Her bra really says a whole lot about her , its a art piece in itself, but whats beneath is the real prize! After she handles her boots and jeans off, we receive complete view of her trimmed tulip, and it’s a sexy looking little devil! A rear perspective exposes a tramp stamp and puckered asshole perfect for a finger or a tongue. I’d wait till she got in the water , then put my tongue where the sun don’t glow! We hope to see more of you personally Niki Sand!

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