Susan Ayn in Wetandpissy Susan Ayn in Susan Ayn September 20, 2016 Standing, On Her Knees

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It’s been a few years since we last watched Sexy brunette Susan Ayn and we’re so glad she’s come back to us now. The year shave been kind and this gorgeous babe looks sexy as ever! Dressed in a fishnet top and hotpants, she teases to a glass chair before sitting and lifting her thighs before worshiping her tight shorts! This gloomy babe touches her crotch and licks her hands then strips so she can stretch her pussy using a metallic speculum. Bending over, she releases the following stream of piss on the seat and tastes her juices before pouring the remainder over her body. She has hold of a stick-on flesh dildo and after sticking to the seat, pisses all over it before adding it in her eager hole! Eventually this urine play babe captures more of her golden juices into a bowl, then drinks it and licks it down her slender body to finish this watersports scene!

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