Charlotte Vale in Devicebondage Charlotte Vale January 28, 2010 Feet, Handler

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We all know Charlotte? She’s around the upper floor, she’s the lifestyle. Because she could take it when you see her people are only beating on her. Well I discovered one thing which can’t take it and that is her pussy.This whole custom device we built was designed for foot torture. We did that. We trapped her throat and moved to town on her toes. However, when we trapped fingers in her and also fucked her G spot tough she explained it had been “too much”, “too sensitive”, “I can’t take it”.Yeah, such as that will do the job. So we proceed to the next logical step and finger knock the fuck out of her till she is REALLY (I stress that word) cumming just like a helpless whore. We begging get yelling and a struggle to get away. Almost makes you wonder about her additional “orgasms”.

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