Nadia White in Subbyhubby Little Miss Pink Eats Cum? Part 6 September 08, 2014 Crossdressing

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Now Nadia has had her pleasure with her new little cuck boysshe thanks Barbie boy welcoming him over anytime to service her by being her bitch. Small Miss pink is quite mad hearing this she asks him”why the long face”. He answers”well he got to do that which to you personally and all I got was a face full of cum each day. When do I get to fuck?” Nadia says”oh, all you wish to do is fuck?” He rips his pants, revealing his small dicklet and screams back”yes, I wish to fuck.” Mistress Nadia answers”wait right here I´ll be right back and we will fuck.” She returns her big purple strap on, smacks the cucky boy poking him over entering his man pussy vigorously till he squeals like a little bitch. If he could ´t take anymore she turns him over fucking him a few more. Finally tired she lays with his head between her legs as he is staring up at her knowing that he has been possessed. She instructs him to clean his filthy ass off of her purple strap on.

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