Cameron Canada in Subbyhubby Cuckolding The Perverted Stepfather 6 August 26, 2012 Humiliation

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Cameron plans to whore both of her bitches out and wants to make sure they can take cock properly so she orders them to fuck themselves in their own asses with a dildo while she supervises. As her bitches shove dildos in and out of their asses, Cameron masturbates her pussy, excited to see what levels of humiliation her men are willing to take for her. Cameron decides that the bitches are not fucking themselves well enough so she decides to take over, bending her bitches over and ramming the dildos up their asses. But their training is not over, as Cameron orders each of them to clean up their ass juices off their dildos – after all, a whore should never leave a customer´s cock dirty.This clip is part of the movie "Cuckolding The Perverted Stepfather."

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